Now is the Time

Now is the time to think.

A technology environment of multiple business applications and poor application integration is the primary enemy of the small to medium business. Maintaining siloed systems across the finance, HR, purchasing, inventory management, sales and customer management functions of a business carries with it a hefty but often unnoticed opportunity cost.

Now is the time to count.

This siloed environment fosters back-office inefficiencies from manual business processes and processing errors – tying up valuable resources that could be more productively deployed elsewhere. It drives inefficient purchasing and inventory management decisions, increasing inventory carrying cost, buying in sub-optimised quantities and getting suppliers offside. It precipitates employee churn and stifles innovation. Perhaps most importantly, it almost always fails to deliver an excellent customer experience, resulting in lower customer retention and higher sales acquisition costs.

Now is the time to connect.

With the introduction of the 5G network in New Zealand, customers will be more connected and have better choices. Opportunities for innovation will increase, resulting in new and better products and more competition. At this point in time, small to medium businesses with a poorly integrated business application environment must ask themselves if they can afford to continue paying the opportunity cost.

Now is the time to ask.

Can organisations continue to deploy resources to facilitate disconnected business processes while their competitors are focussing on growth and innovation? Can they continue to purchase and manage inventory in a sub-optimised manner while their competitors run lean and efficient supply chains? Can they continue to muddle through employee engagement while their competitors are on the hunt for talent? Can they continue to provide a good customer experience while their competitors are achieving excellence?

Now is the time to grow.

In order to grow in an environment of fierce competition, disruption and high-speed connectedness, businesses need a fully integrated and industry-aligned application environment. They need sales, finance, procurement and supply chain to talk to each other seamlessly and effortlessly, in-real time. They need a single source of data from which to make real-time decisions on how to better serve the customer. They need alignment, efficiency, innovation and engagement. They need the entire business pulling in the same direction.

Now is the time to act.

SAP Business One delivers all of this. As a simple and scalable – yet affordable – solution for small to medium businesses, it offers whole of the business management that covers all of your critical business functions, from accounting and finance to purchasing, inventory, customer relationship and more.

As a top-tier SAP Partner, when you connect with us you’re provided with local expertise just moments away. Book in from a practical discussion with us on whether SAP Business One is suitable for your business and what it would mean for you to adopt it – including the benefits, cost, systems migration and implementation. Alternatively, schedule a virtual demo with us to what SAP Business One can do.

SAP Business One. Now is the time.

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