Retail Management Software

Engage, analyse and entice your customers.

Benefits for retailers

Track and manage the buyer journey across mediums with our retail management software.

Customers are more connected than ever, and retailers are keeping up.

Optimise your buyer’s purchasing decision journey with up-to-date stock information, product planning and purchase processing in an integrated ERP. The end result is an engaged customer, primed for conversion through personalised touchpoints and fulfilment of their baseline purchase needs.

With the retail experience having transcended beyond the traditional shop floor, now is the time to make sure your supporting systems are working for you as best they can.

SAP Business One assists retailers to:

  • Optimise inventory management
  • Real-time integration with your e-commerce website
  • Central repository for your customer and product data
  • Integration with your store POS system
  • Analyse buying behaviour and identify marketing campaigns
Retail Management Software | Ozone IT
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