Wholesale & Distribution Management Software

Pick, pack and deliver with precision.

Benefits for wholesale and distribution businesses

Real-time integration and automation across wholesale and distribution operations.

Customers are expecting speed of delivery, track and trace while complying with local or international.

If your supply chain involves shipping, selling, storing or consuming of inventory then you need a warehouse management solution that will give clear visibility of your inventory and commitments and simplifies the process for picking, packing and delivering on-time and in-full.

Wholesale and distribution operations benefit from:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and improved compliance with support of GS1 standards combined with SSCC tracking.
  • Mobile barcode scanning, batch and serial management combined with flexible warehouse, zone and bin structures for detailed visibility of inventory movements.
  • Advanced inventory management such as catch weights, shelf life calculations, reservation of inventory through to consolidated packing and container management.
  • Increased efficiencies from utilising stock allocation algorithm’s when generating and executing pick list proposals and instructions.



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