Business analytics

Business insights that empower.

Why you need Analytics

Make data-driven decisions confidently.

Deriving insights from data is a science. Transforming these pools of transactional information into meaningful datasets is an art.

For many SME businesses, reporting is a constant challenge and it is difficult to build internal capacity that understands your business, your data model and the technical knowledge to design and deploy reports.

Ozone IT consultants can help you design a comprehensive reporting strategy that is right sized for your businesses and then work with you to analyse the data and automate the reporting process.

Our analytic services:

  • Define the core KPIs that measure your organisation’s success
  • Identify the core metrics that define how your business processes are performing
  • Ensure the right information is available to support a business process
  • Develop reports, reporting packs and automate the process
  • Utilise reporting as a service, we analyse and manage your reports and you pay only for what you use

Business analytics service benefits


Coordinate operational, strategic and financial data into forecasting tools.


Create dynamic visual diagrams that offer high-level information at a glance, and drilled down detail on demand.


Make informed business decisions with the power of effective analytics information.

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